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In Israel, tensions are high as we all remain glued to our screens; watching the news, banding together on social media, and praying for the release of 3 teenage boys who were abducted by Hamas. During this devastating time, everyone is standing together regardless of religious affiliation: Dati, Charedi, or non religious. We are all brothers in solidarity for the sole reason to bring back our boys home safe.

We all want to help in the efforts of finding the 3 teens: Gilad Michael ben bat Galim, Eyal Oriel ben Iris Tshura and Naftali Yaakov ben Rachel Devorah. B’h you can take part of a special prayer for the safety of the boys. This Friday, the 20th of June, the Gush and the Talmon area are asking others to join in a national wide Hafrashat Challah as a bakasha to Hashem to free the kidnapped teens back to their families. Every household will make hafrashat challah in order for the return of the teens and to return them healthy and whole.

Hafrashat Challah is a special segulah, merit, and is said to bring healing to the sick, brings good livelihood,  and salvation for those in need. With the right measurements of flour, you can participate in this wonderful tradition.


Flour required for separating Challah



Please spread the word and share with as many people as you can. May Hashem listen to our prayers in bringing Eyal, Gilad and Naftali home safe.

Thank you for your participation and we hope to hear only good news soon.

Challah separating blessing

Challah separating blessing


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