DIY Lego Gragger


The next best thing in Purim aside from the yummy food, are the graggers. We call it a gragger, but the generic and rather wicked-sounding term is “ratchet instrument.” It’s interesting to see all the types of graggers people bring with them to shul. Some bring enormous graggers, home-made container graggers, blow horns (oy, do they make a racket), and of course the traditional wooden ones. I don’t like spending a lot on graggers, because each year we seem to lose them. But the one’s that are cheap are flimsy and fall apart after a few swings.

This inspired me to look for an interesting craft project to do with the kids, and then I came across a post I absolutely loved. The Lego Gragger. Brilliant!

They spin, they make noise, and although they aren’t exactly deafening, they will help drown out Haman’s name at the Megillah reading come Purim.  May they inspire kids and geeky AFOL (adult fans of Lego) to fiddle about and make more with their own boxes of bricks.

Here’s the How to guide to Lego Graggers



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