Happy Adar: Tel Aviv-Yafo

The Jewish calendar is filled with joyous days, and the happiest day of the year is, of course, Purim. Families and friends gather to drink and make merry without any limitation. Jewish law is restrictive when it comes to drinking, but Purim is a notable exception. ‘Chayav inish l’vesumi ad d’lo yada bein arur Haman l’baruch Mordechai’ (there is a mitzva on Purim to drink and become intoxicated until one cannot distinguish between the accursed Haman and the blessed Mordechai)

  1. We are commanded to drink excessively because of our obligation to be excessively b’simcha on Purim, without any limits or shiurim. It is a day of pure, unadulterated simcha.So great is the simcha of Purim that it spreads out to the entire month of Adar, as the Gemara teaches us ‘Mishenichnas Adar marbin b’simcha’ (as Adar approaches, we increase our level of simcha)
  2. Although we rejoice because of our victory over Haman on Purim, there must be more to this special simcha, as we are required to rejoice the entire month of Adar.

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