How Not to Clean For Pesach

I have been procrastinating cleaning for Pesach for some time. I hate the obsessive person I become once I start meticulously cleaning everything for Pesach. This OCD character that comes out is so detrimental, that it reminds me of the video above. This is not the way I want to clean for Pesach.

Since when did Pesach become such an enormous burden, exhaustion and tension driven atmosphere?

We spend so much time preparing for the chag, that we feel completely overwhelmed. We have lost our enthusiasm for the upcoming holiday.

Let us rethink the way we approach cleaning for Pesach, as drudgery. Even though we cannot avoid our Pesach cleaning duties, let it not take over our Pesach preparations. Let us focus on the Hagaddah and spending family quality time instead.

What do you think? 






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