Secrets of a Shabbos Balabasta- It’s All About the Table

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Hosting and connecting with family and friends is a special part of Shabbos. It’s a powerful way to teach our children about our role in giving tzedakah and helping our community. The food, the company, and the shabbos table decorations, are part of the mitzvah of hachnasas orchim. Shabbos table decorations may seem trivial, but they enhance the environment for welcoming guests.

In helping to set the right ambiance at your shabbos table, here are a few decoration tips to remember:

Little Things Matter

Small table accessories are an easy and inexpensive way to create different looks. The following can also add color and texture to your table:


No Ordinary Table Cloth

The tablecloth enhances the tone for the whole tablescape. You can stick with the white tablecloth, or add a splash of color to the whole room by using a solid or patterned colorful tablecloth. If you are crafty, you can buy material at your local fabric shop and adjust the measurements to your table. Any piece of fabric can turn into a one-of-a-kind tablecloth. I recommend, to be bold and try material in leather, suede, or crushed velvet.


Flower Power

These natural beauties are an important element in creating a special ambiance at your Shabbos table. The type of flowers and its colors reflect the mood you’re creating, whether it is festive or seasonal. When unsure of what tone you want your table to display, get some inspiration by standing in your favorite flower shop. I often choose my flowers first when planning events. Sometimes, I even base my event decorations based on exquisite floral arrangements.

The great thing about decorating your Shabbos tables, is that there are no rules. Display your ingenuity by producing decorative tables that welcome guests, families, and friends. Every time you set your Shabbos table, treat it with great privilege, being able to welcome new people to your home and community.

This is a guest post by Esther Feigen-Beillis, a certified Event and Wedding planner. Esther loves to entertain guests at her home, and keeps busy with her College studies in Business Management.


Wife and mommy of 4 tinies. Fashion lover and Krav maga enthusiast. Proud Israeli and Canadian. Happy baker and all things artistic. Avid reader and culture loving tri-lingual. Chesed fan and loves to help family, friends and the community.

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