5 Fun iStore Apps to Get Your Kids Learning About Passover

Keeping kids entertained while doing Pesach cleaning is a challenge. I like to buy arts and craft toys to keep them busy, but sometimes it causes more stress with the amount of mess it generates. Ideally, I like to include activities that are educational that deal with Pesach learning. I recently found a number of neat apps that do a great job educating my kids about Pesach in fun and interactive ways (without the mess).

Here are some fun apps to try out:

1. Let’s get ready for Passover

G-dCast’s Let’s Get Ready for Passover app, includes a short hidden object game that teaches about Bedikat Chametz (the ritual search for leavened foods) plus a Passover recipe. Fun for kids 5 to 8. Get it at iTunes

Let's get ready for Passover app

Let’s get ready for Passover

2. JI Studio

With JI Studio, kids can make their own Hagaddah for Passover, and simply illustrate the 10 plagues, make invitations, collages, posters, comics, stories, multimedia flashcards and more.     Get it at iTunes

JI Studio Passover pictures

Design Passover pictures


3. Frogs in the Bed

Passover plagues are here in Frogs in the Bed. Whack as many frogs as you can as fast as you can. If you think pharaoh went crazy from all the plagues, just wait until you try smacking all these frogs. Get it at iTunes

Frogs in the bed App

Frogs in the Bed App


4. Exodus

After 400 years of slavery, the Israelites are finally beginning their journey out of Egypt. Help them pack the most useful items in this active game that encourages problem solving, discovery, and Jewish values. Get it at iTunes





5. M.A.S.H Passover

M.A.S.H. Passover takes the classic mash game (mansion, apartment, shack, house) and gives it a Pesadika spin. Find out who will find the Afikomen, what the prize will be, and more hilarious stories. Get it at iTunes 

M.A.S.H Passover App

M.A.S.H Passover App

Which app do you like best? Do you have recommendations for a Passover iPhone and iPad app you like?


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