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Little Scientists
Little Scientists
Etzly would like to welcome Gil Stelzer, with this guest post.  Gil is a Phd researcher at Israels world famous Weizmann Institute of Science.  His research includes Gencards: the Google of the Human Genome Project, Chronic Kidney Disease and much more.  In his spare time (how does he have spare time!?!?) he writes children’s books, to help kids get interested in science. 

I have been in love with innovation and science for many years. Ever since I was a child and saw a TV show called “Voyagers!”, I have been beguiled with the moment inventions arise and how science and imagination are the basis for these rare events. In that wonderful series, every episode would focus on one invention and portray how it arose. I would get so excited whenever the “Eureka” moment came.

Growing up I was especially amazed by how life science affects our lives, and since then, I have spent several years accumulating biological knowledge. During my studies I also taught various theoretical and laboratory classes and it was during the interactions with students that I realized I enjoy teaching. Recently, I have begun giving popular lectures to the general public that present many new scientific developments and breakthroughs. These advances partially result from the dawning of the genomic era, a topic that entices my enthusiasm. Explaining cutting edge technology in plain language is always a challenge, but it is very rewarding to see in people’s eyes that they too understand the implications of what is being described.

This amazing sparkle can easily be seen in those who learn something new, as it also clearly seen in eyes when I am told of a new scientific success. I also experience this eye sparkle when I explain concepts to others or encounter a stimulating piece of artwork. It is these which motivated me to write children’s science books. I want to spark children to be curious in the world and especially about science, as well as provide them with answers in ways they can easily relate to, such as the language of games and imagination. I intended the books, I wrote, as a starting point for discussion between children and their parents or grandparents, hoping that the children will always be curious about our world and that together with their loved ones will they find the answers.

There is a great need for kids to be interested in careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) are projected to grow 7 percent faster than non-STEM occupations through 2018. However, the number of students enrolling in college in STEM-related degree programs is dropping, leaving a potential gap between in-demand STEM jobs and the skilled professionals to fill them. DeVry University sees this urgency and has first held HerWorld to empower high school girls to explore careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). This is a great step to increase girl participation in the field of science. For years, the sciences have been otherwise associated with being masculine careers. Therefore, I believe that it is even more important to expose girls to science in their childhood.

For the next 72hrs I am giving my giving my books away for free on kindle.  Please help me reach out to the next generation of boys and girls and introduce them to the wonderful world of science discovery.


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