Pessach DIY: How Napkin Rings Can Help With Seder Night

DIY napkin holders
DIY napkin holders

These napkin rings can inspire an entertaining jaunt down memory lane and serve as place markers too. Guests contribute old photos (how can you not love seeing Gramps on his first day of school or Aunt May with a punk hairdo?). At dinnertime, ask the kids to identify the subject of each photo and then escort that guest to his seat. There are sure to be some laughs along the way!

This DIY project is also a creative way to get the kids involved in the Pessach Seder story. Prepare each guest with a napkin ring with a photo of a Pessach character. Make it an interactive game for the kids by having them identify who’s on each person’s napkin holder. Include the 4 sons, Pharaoh, Moses, Miriam  etc.

via Photo Napkin Rings | Spoonful.

Which types of educative games are you planning for Seder night? 


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