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Etzly is a way to raise money for Jewish charities, while hosting guests at our Shabbat tables.  So often we invite our family and friends to our homes, to enjoy words of Torah, each others company and delicious foods.  Etiquette requires our guests not to come empty handed, but so often the cakes and wines go to waste  or are superfluous to our beautifully laid Shabbat tables.  Etzly is a way to ask our guests: “Instead of wine, here is a charity that needs your donation even more.”

We were driven to create Etzly in the memory of our lost sister, Hagit bat Esther. Breast cancer took her too early. Too early for us, too early for her children, too early for her family and friends that loved her.   Hagit learned too late of the lump in her breast, but it didn’t need to be that way.  Early detection could have saved her life, and it can save thousands of other women, who right now don’t know about the danger inside their own bodies.  This is our cause, this is the charity we choose.  We hope to raise funds for breast cancer awareness campaigns inside our communities.  What charity will you choose?



Wife and mommy of 4 tinies. Fashion lover and Krav maga enthusiast. Proud Israeli and Canadian. Happy baker and all things artistic. Avid reader and culture loving tri-lingual. Chesed fan and loves to help family, friends and the community.

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