Adolf Hitler Married Jewish!!!!!!

Perhaps a little late for Purim, but it’s astounding how far the “jewish conspiracy” can really go eh? Unfortunately for us it only works if the woman knows she’s Jewish.

There is some evidence that Hitler made exceptions for specific jews he liked.  Tell me in the comments below: Do you think it would have helped if Ava Braun had told Adolf that she was Jewish or he would have done to her like the rest of us?

Scientists who extracted genetic material from Eva Braun’s hair found she had Jewish ancestry

ADOLF HITLER married a woman of Jewish descent as the Third Reich crumbled around him, according to a new documentary. It is well known that the Fuhrer and his lover, Eva Braun, married in their Berlin bunker just hours before committing suicide. But according to ground-breaking new research, it seems the man who ordered the systemic slaughter of millions of Jews unwittingly married one as his final act.

via Adolf Hitler’s wife Eva Braun ‘had Jewish ancestry’ | News | The Week UK.

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